Learning together

Language is all about communicating with others. Language learning should be a fun and social experience.  Whilst there are many language books, cds and podcasts on the market, it is hard to match the focus and practice of a regular, structured session either in a small group or individually. Learning will be with like-minded people under a tutor’s guidance and classes can be customised to suit YOUR NEEDS.



Classes will be “conversation-based“, with plenty of varied activities working in pairs or small groups. All enrolled students will have access to online resources and handouts to help in your studies for the course duration.


The classroom is fully equipped with whiteboard, laptop,projector and cd player to facilitate your learning.


Jessica will help you ….
Acquire – through repetition and practice
Develop – through role play and exercises
Enhance – through access to history, customs, culture and further reading and study.

“Learning is most effective when there is a degree of interaction with others in that it aids in more deeply processing information and keeps motivation high”


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